Insurance Companies

  • Leverage your investment
  • Mitigate your risk
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction


  At Terradyne Wellness, we work collaboratively with the Insurance providers, the Corporations, Senior Human Resource Department and applicable Human Resource Service Companies that have been engaged by the Insurance Company.

For non-executive employees we work with Third-party absence management providers, Rehabilitation/Occupational Health Consultants and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). 

We also work in collaboration with your Insurance Company to reach your deliverables, manage your exposure and optimize your budgets

We believe in creating a win-win for all stakeholders

Continuum of Services

 Terradyne recognizes recovery happens after residential treatment.

We offer:

  • On-site withdrawal management services with 24-hour monitoring by healthcare team
  • Comprehensive medical and psycho social assessment
  • Medical Team works in collaboration with Therapeutic Team to provide holistic treatment experience
  • Personalized, evidence based Treatment plans executed by our credentialed Collaborative Care Team
  • 30/60/90 Day Residential Programs
  • Proactive Relapse Prevention Program - Offered Virtually
  • Day Recovery Maintenance Workshops and Counselling
  • Professional Recovery Coaching and Occupational Transition Planning

Reduce Costs of Disability Claims and Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Just-in-time intervention services  
  • Seamless and documented service in all stages of the experience- from your corporate Human Resource Department referral to the Human Resources Service Company and/or Absence Management Provider, to the treatment service provider and the employee’s return to his or her pre-existing level of contribution-often surpassing such levels.  
  • Enhanced Recovery Results from the Multi-disciplinary treatment  
  • Proactive Relapse Prevention programs to help employees retain good sobriety to avoid further program investment and negative impacts to your client
  • Professional Recovery Coaches and Occupational Transitioning Program restores the client engagement and productivity

Quality Assurance

  • Provision of Ongoing progress reports(with PPI release forms) and quality assurance monitoring  
  • Competent communication from the initial call to discharge and results of follow-up services.
  • All staff, vendors or third party providers have background checks: Certified Criminal Records check, Vulnerable Sector check, and references / proof of experience in the recovery field  
  • Our program and Center is abstinence based with frequent compliance testing/assessment 
  • Terradyne is in the accreditation process with the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)   
  • Our services are developed and delivered under the direction of a Physician experienced in the treatment of Substance Use Disorder in collaboration with an experienced team of healthcare providers
  • All therapeutic staff are credentialed, have proven experience and belong to applicable Professional Affiliations
  • Ongoing drug/alcohol testing in support of our absence based philosophy  
  • Our withdrawal management services take place in medically supervised facilities under the Directives of an Addiction Physician and onsite Addiction/Mental Health Nurse during the detoxing phase to deal with physiological suspect of withdrawal. 

  Terradyne believes that substance use disorder is a disease of the Mind, Body and Soul. To that premise, our Lifestyle Program component includes Mindfulness, Yoga and Spiritual coaching. To optimize clients’ nutritional and physical fitness, we have on-site organic gardens, a nutritionist and executive chef with meals tailored to the individual’s needs; outdoor pursuits, and on-site gym. Clients are introduced to spiritual coaches and community based 12 Step Support Groups.