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About Us

Terradyne is a 9-Bed Residential Addiction Rehab That Offers a Comprehensive Approach to Recovery

Terradyne Addiction Treatment Center in Nova Scotia has brought together a team of professionals with decades of experience in addiction treatment and mental health who have worked both within Canada and around the world developing their experience and knowledge at a time when Canadians are losing people to addiction at the highest rates ever seen. The Terradyne Addiction Treatment team are highly skilled across a wide variety of recovery approaches.  This allows the team to develop individualized programs for each client to ensure they receive the best support to address their personal needs in building a strong recovery foundation. 

At Terradyne, we are not just an inpatient rehab - we recognize that recovery extends long after a client's residential stay. At Terradyne Wellness Center in Nova Scotia we extend beyond inpatient rehab by continuing to offer recovery maintenance services. We understand that this may not be the first time an individual has attempted recovery and we are able to identify from the first assessment what approaches have previously worked or not. This enables the team to develop the best treatment plan in order to give the highest chances of a successful long term recovery.

Terradyne drug and alcohol treatment center is excited to offer a withdrawal management and detox center on the property in a building separate from the Intensive Therapeutic Program.  This addresses what we have identified as a huge gap in available recovery services and allows clients the option of a seamless entry into our Therapeutic Program.


Along with our comprehensive wellness program, Terradyne delivers a complete program that will support clients as they rebuild a purpose-filled life free from the destruction associated with addiction.

Terradyne Wellness - Addiction Treatment Center

Terradyne Wellness - Addiction Treatment Center


Our Mission

To provide evidence-based personalized treatment for addiction

To empower our clients to become re-engaged members of society


Our Core Values

We operate with mutual trust, respect, and integrity

 Our collaborative team continually researches and implements best practices

We invest in our people to remain current with industry standards

A Message from the Director of Client SERVICES

We want to assure you that at Terradyne, we have taken precautions and measures to reduce the health risks to our clients and staff as a result of COVID-19. We continue to provide valuable aftercare Telehealth support to our clients, as well as offer free phone consultations for prospective clients via 902-889-2121.

We will be offering complimentary video blogs focused on important topics to support you during these uncertain times. We recognize that many individuals will be struggling with increased anxiety, increased substance use, depression, and more. Our staff continue to work behind the scenes, enhancing our current programs and services and creating additional supports for our clients.

Please visit our website regularly for ongoing resources, tune into our YouTube channel terradynewellness, as well as our Facebook and Instagram channels @terradynewellness for ongoing content we are offering to support you during this time.

We also want to reiterate the following health precautions laid out by the Government of Nova Scotia to help stop the spread of COVID-19:

  • Staying home and self-isolating after travelling from outside of Canada or if you have symptoms
  • Following the latest social distancing and self-isolation advice
  • Calling 811 if you’re experiencing symptoms
  • Washing your hands often
  • Being kind to others and looking out for your neighbours

Sincere regards,

Laurie Burns

Providing evidence-based personalized treatment for addiction to empower our clients to become re-engaged and productive members of society.