Your Peace of Mind Begins Here

Whether you are considering rehabilitation services because you think your substance use is affecting your life, to get people off your back or you are being forced to participate in rehabilitation to keep a job or to deal with legal challenges - you are in the right place. 

Although it might not feel like it right now - your family/employer cares enough about you to get the help you need.

Very few people acquire sustainable recovery without help. 

Have you or others noticed a change in your performance? Consider this:



  • Substance Use Disorder is a chronic disease - it is not your fault you have this disease.
  • Like other chronic diseases a treatment plan is required.
  • Canadian Human Rights Legislation mandates Employers to seek treatment for their employees and make every effort to support the employee back to work/duty.
  • Studies show that those who get treatment are more likely to gain back /exceed their level of productivity and influence.

Concerns about reputation / professional credibility? Terradyne assures you:



  • Your stay/affiliation with Terradyne is kept strictly confidential.
  • Information of your whereabouts, treatment or progress is not shared with any third parties without your prior written authorization. We comply with and are bound by the Patient Information Privacy Act. 
  • We can also help you develop and execute a communication strategy for when you return to daily living/work. As you grow and become more comfortable with your sober life style and recovery, you may want to share your journey with others, however it is your story to tell not ours.

It's time to make an investment in yourself:


You have worked hard for others and have been successful in your career. Now it is time to make an investment in your peace of mind, your family, friends and business colleagues.

Terradyne recognizes recovery happens after residential treatment.

We offer:

  • Personalized, evidence based Treatment plans executed by our credentialed Collaborative Care Team
  • 30-90 Day Residential Programs
  • Onsite Withdrawal Management (detox)
  • Proactive Relapse Prevention Program - Offered Virtually
  • Day Recovery Maintenance Workshops and Counselling
  • Professional Recovery Coaching and Occupational Transition Planning

 Most insurance companies cover all or a portion of the associated costs of rehabilitation services. 


“Before I participated in rehabilitation I struggled with all aspects of my like, I isolated or became disconnected from friends and family and I could sense my mental and emotional state deteriorating. I did not see/acknowledge that my substance use was stopping me from fully engaging in my life. At times I either refused to or did not accept the impact I was having on those around me. Rehabilitation helped me open my eyes to see what substance misuse had stolen from me. Through the recovery process I have learned how to deal with and enjoy life without drinking. Today I am free to be the person I have always wanted to be! Most importantly I have achieved peace of mind and contented sobriety.”