Healthy Living

Incorporating a Health and Wellness Program into an Intensive Therapeutic Program for substance use is critical for the overall treatment plan of individuals. At Terradyne we understand that paying attention and prioritizing our client’s body, mind and spirit thoroughly has an exceptional affect on long term recovery and is just as important as the therapeutic component. Having the combination of body, mind and spirit create a more comfortable and engaging therapy for clients, where they will acknowledge that overall wellbeing and happiness can come from the simplest things. 

There are three fundamental components that are integrated into the Healthy Living Program at Terradyne; 


Having a proper diet to fit nutrient needs when recovering. 


Fitness along with activities to strengthen clients social, emotional and physical dimensions. 


Helps clients find meaning within themselves and focus on recovering. 

When the elements of nutrition, recreation and spirituality are combined, they are used to create a personalized wellness plan which is implemented into the Intensive Therapeutic Program. 

Three recognized characteristics that are influential in sustaining long term abstinence include confidence, courage and positivity, which can untimely be accomplished through Terradyne’s Healthy Living Program. Those who may be new to recovery can learn to maintain a healthy body as well as a healthy mindset while residing at Terradyne.


  Counselling and therapy are key components to an addiction recovery treatment program. Individuals who are in recovery are taught healthy ways to cope with difficult emotions and behaviours. However, it is hard for a malnourished brain and body to fully engage in treatment and learn the necessary tools to heal. When an individual makes the decision to receive guidance for their drug and or alcohol addiction, he/she will begin a gradual process in order to reach their full recovery potential which includes several steps. A significant step that sometimes goes unnoticed is the status of the client’s nutritional health. 

Nutrition is one of the many important concerns that require immediate attention in the addiction recovery process. When individuals undergo substance abuse they tend to consume less food, choose foods that are less nutritious, skip meals, increase the speed at which the body utilizes energy, increases the loss of nutrients through the action of vomiting and diarrhea, and can severely damage the intestinal lining causing an inability to absorb vitamins and minerals properly. The mentioned concerns can be ultimately stabilized by following a proper diet and becoming aware of what is happening to the body and knowing how to make the appropriate changes. 

During recovery, the client should consume a diet that is rich in their required macro and micronutrients, which can be determined through the practice of a nutrition professional. Within the first year of the recovery process, the need for a nutritious diet is higher than ever. Not only will a proper diet help with the body’s recovery, but the mind and over all well-being will be strengthened through proper nourishment. 

With all things considered, nobody can be fully active in a recovery program when undernourished, which is why this nutrition program for Terradyne was developed. 


At Terradyne Wellness, the main priority of the Recreational Therapy Program is to improve and/or maintain physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual functioning in our clients. The program at Terradyne includes, but is not limited to, providing treatment services and recreation activities to our clients using a variety of techniques. These techniques include art therapy, animal therapy, interactive sports and games, dance and movement, drama, music therapy, and local community outings. Clients will have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and engage in something that may challenge them or revisit an activity that they potentially once loved. Surrounding Terradyne, are beautiful beaches that stretch all along the coastline and numerous hiking trails that wind through thick woods; in which clients will have the time to visit frequently. Terradyne understands that recreation therapy is deeply complementary to the counselling that clients receive during the recovery process. Terradyne’s Recreation Therapist will physically show the clients that it is possible to have an enjoyable time without the use of a substance. 

Terradyne’s Recreational Therapist will treat and help maintain the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the clients by seeking to reduce depression, stress, and the anxiety developed by residing in a new unfamiliar place to recover from substance abuse. Recovery of basic motor function, confidence building, and effective socializing skills will all be included in the treatment plan at Terradyne.


 At Terradyne Wellness we understand that having the opportunity to connect with oneself, spiritually, can have such a huge impact on the recovery process, presently and long term. Spirituality is that part of yourself which helps you find meaning, connectedness, and purpose in life, and here at Terradyne we ensure our practice includes this segment. 

Clients will have the opportunity to explore holistic practices such as yoga classes, frequent mediation in various peaceful locations, connecting with nature either by the oceanside or the thick woods, and sound bathing to create harmony within. Terradyne is pleased to offer the option to our clients in opening pathways to spirituality by attending outside 12-step meetings or work alongside a spiritual advisor. 

Mental health complications combined with substance abuse can leave great stressors on the human body, which include anxiety, depression and physical pain. It is beneficial to have a treatment recovery program that includes elements that can benefit these stressors, such as yoga. While Terradyne’s clients are in active recovery with a chaotic mind and body, they will have immense freedom to take part in our spirituality program and help themselves in a way they possibly never expected.