Road map to restoring productivity and influence:

  • Mitigate health and safety impact
  • Manage costly wage loss
  • Team Retention
  • Avoid Additional Costs
  • Avoid costly arbitration and HRTs
  • Compliance with National Return to Work / Duty Legislation and Health and Safety Standards

Why choose Terradyne?

Continuum of Services:

  We understand that substance use disorder is a chronic relapsing disorder that requires services which start and extend beyond inpatient programs. We recognize recovery happens mostly after residential treatment.

  • Comprehensive medical and psychosocial assessment on admission
  • Standardized diagnostic testing to establish individuals deficits and attributes with respect to recovery
  • Personalized Treatment Plan and Treatment Contract 
  • Intensive Therapy Program  founded on Evidence Based Methodology 
  • Family Care Program to build a life-long support network
  • Occupational Transitioning Planning to help you manage your “Return to Work” obligations, risks and costs
  • Peer Recovery Coaching to support return to high profile and high demand role
  • Establish networking with community based support groups including 12 Step Program
  • Ongoing assessment opportunities to measure progress
  • Proactive Relapse Prevention Program with post stabilization monitoring and early intervention resources customized to your employees needs to avoid relapse and to keep them productive at work-including Relapse Prevention Agreements
  • Day Programs and Workshops for Recovery Maintenance

Multi-Disciplinary and Holistic Approach:

  • Yoga and Mindfulness Activities
  • Outdoor living: hiking, skating, swimming, boating, fishing
  • Physical Fitness: Onsite workout facility with opportunity to engage personal trainer
  • Nutritional Optimization Investment: onsite organic garden, nutritional coaching by our nutritionist, nutritional and gourmet menus prepared by our onsite Chef and take home cook books
  • Activities to coach clients to improve social functioning
  • Paths to Spirituality 

Our Program Principles:

  • Flexible and customized programs based on individual assessments
  • Our “It’s Your Program, Your Recovery” philosophy  encourages and supports client to make informed choices and to incorporate these choices in their program planning
  • Just-in-time Services which includes Assessment,  Admission, Intervention and Immediate re-admission if required
  • Client Centric Treatment Approaches and Methods  which focus on increasing strengths rather than reducing deficits  to foster treatment engagement
  • Community Approach to Increase chances for achieving and maintaining recovery -we encourage the participation of family, friends and community (including 12 step programs)-as opposed to having the client isolated in the recovery journey.

Our Quality Assurance Commitment:

  • Real-time evaluation and monitoring throughout the continuum of services (including Compliance testing) 
  • Ongoing reporting to your Insurance Company under the auspicious of an executed Private Patient Information release form
  • Staff and Medical Professionals  are credentialed  and have proven experience and have had background/security checks
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities(CARF) Certification-in progress
  • 360 stakeholder evaluations
  • We invest in the development, training and execution clear policies and procedures which are frequently monitored

Our World Class Facility:

  • Breathtaking taking views of the ocean on a secured site
  • Separate buildings for Withdrawal Management Stage and Therapy Stage
  • Range of gathering rooms to offer 1:1 or group counselling;  workshop facilities and private family meeting areas
  • Client rooms are private with outdoor balconies
  • Access to work stations for employees that need to stay engaged-under the approval/guidance of their therapist

  “Our goal is to empower your employee to return/surpass their performance and engagement level-which will drive Corporate Revenue, reduce costs and increase shareholder value”