Engaging and Rebuilding Families

  “Imagine your loved one becoming an active member of society, living a healthy life style and once again becoming an engaged member of your family”.

We recognize that this is a stressful time for you:

Find comfort in knowing your family member is making a huge step towards addressing his or her substance use challenge. We are equipped to support your loved one through all stages of recovery-specialized withdrawal management services,  personalized treatment plans based on standardized assessments/screening tools, and a continuum of aftercare services customized to your loved ones needs-including our Proactive Relapse Prevention Program

Your loved one is in good hands:

Our team of credentialed counselling therapists and licenced medical professionals have proven experience in helping individuals to recover and maintain sobriety. Our services are based on National and International Certifications and Best Practices.

Our team also have experience working with concurrent mental illness. We are passionate and equipped to customize services to meet the unique strengths and needs of your loved one. At any time your loved one requires medical attention the appropriate medical intervention will be provided.

We try to keep you connected to your love one:

While we are limited to what we can communicate with you regarding your loved one’s therapy due to Federal Patient Privacy Information Act. However, once your loved one has spent early days focusing on getting settled in and emerged into to the program, there will be opportunity for family contact and group sessions. We will help families prepare for these visits so you will see how your loved one is changing and how to react to these changes. Families are encouraged to be a part of the transition back to daily living, including being equipped with proactive relapse prevention tools/ strategies. Ongoing Virtual Family sessions are also available. 

You are not alone:

Terradyne welcomes and encourages family interaction and participation in the rehabilitation process. Family involvement encourages your loved one to stay for the duration of their Program. Participation in family sessions/workshops provides you: 


  • · Education into Substance Use Disorder
  • · Support for your what you are experiencing and tips for selfcare
  • · Awareness of the signs and steps that typically lead to relapse and what can be done to intervene. It is important that you are partners in this process.
  • · Opportunity to interact with your loved one in social activities-to have fun together
  • · Training to establish healthy boundaries that fosters independence for your loved one and shifts the onus of responsibility for recovery from the family to your loved one

Most importantly, we will help your family rebuild.