Program Directors

Richard Pingert




Richard has been a practicing therapist in the field of addiction and mental health for more than 25 years and has spoken at national and international conferences that have addressed these issues. He is well versed in the process of recovery and has been fortunate to experience what works for clients from detox right through to comprehensive aftercare. Richard has been working in the public system for over two decades and is excited to bring his experience and knowledge to the private sector. Richard has a track record of ensuring client centered care and fostering an environment of community re-engagement. Richard believes that one of, if not, the most important factor in delivering best practices to clients in this field is a cohesive and supportive team.  He is thrilled to be leading the team at Terradyne with their focus on providing the highest quality of care in a therapeutic environment. Richard’s ability to form connections with others and his innate altruistic nature, on top of his hands-on approach with clients and staff, make him a great leader for a therapeutic environment.

Laurie Burns

Laurie Burns Director of Clinical Services


Laurie brings over a decade of experience working in the addictions industry to Terradyne Wellness. She has supported individuals from the initial stages of recovery through to managing aftercare plans. Laurie has a particular interest in assisting individuals during the detox phase of their recovery. Her calming energy and empathetic nature are soothing for those navigating their way through the initial stages on their recovery journey. Laurie’s role will have her overseeing the complete care for each individual in the program.  Her extensive knowledge around current best practices is complimented by her approachability and relatability. Laurie is thrilled to be a part of the Terradyne Wellness team.

Medical Team

Dr. Leah Genge MD, CCFP (CAM), DTM&H, MSc



In addition to her Certificate of Added Competence in Addiction Medicine, Dr. Genge is currently completing her Opioid Dependence Treatment Certificate through CAMH. She has been a member in good standing since 2013 with the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Society of Addiction Medicine.


Dr. Genge recognizes that Substance Use Disorder is a chronic relapsing condition which requires a spectrum of treatment services for all phases of recovery.  Working with Terradyne Wellness’s multidisciplinary collaborative team, Dr. Genge actively engages in developing and delivering a full suite of withdrawal management, residential/day rehabilitation offerings and recovery management solutions. 


A native of Cape Breton Island, Dr. Genge has dedicated her career to providing primary care to under-served and homeless Canadians. She is certified and experienced in providing Addiction Medicine to individuals suffering from substance use disorder:

 Dr. Genge has worked as a Primary Care Provider from coast to coast for not-for-profit agencies such as the Calgary Urban Project Society, the Mobile Outreach Street Health (MOSH) clinic, and Direction 180 in Halifax.  


She also works within a multi-disciplinary team at the Spryfield Medical Center, which integrates Opiate Agonist Therapy, mental health counselling, and comprehensive family practice. 

She continues to be actively engaged in health advocacy and social justice committees, and has been the recipient of recognition such as Recipient 21 Inc Emerging Leaders and the Ron Stewart Award for Leadership in Global Health.

Dr. Genge continues to participate in research initiatives, community health projects conference presentations, and enjoys mentoring health care professional students.

Dr. Michael Gniewek, MD, CCFP


 Dr. Gniewek is a graduate of Dalhousie University Medical School (MD)-2013. He completed his Family Medicine residency training at Dalhousie in 2015 (CCFP) and he currently holds a full practice licence from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia.

 Dr. Gniewek is a Family Physician with the Nova Scotia Health Authority; Emergency Room Physician, Queen’s General Hospital in Liverpool, NS; and an Assistant Professor on the Department of Family Medicine, Dalhousie University. He currently holds membership with the Canadian College of Family Physicians and the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine. 

Dr. Gniewek’s passion to address substance use disorder/mental health crisis in Canada led him to focus much of his clinical practice on addiction medicine. He was the lead physician on the assembly of the multi-disciplinary collaborate care team at the Spryfield Medical Centre which provides addiction medicine and mental health services as an integrated part of Family Practice. He also works as  an addiction medicine physician at Direction 180 in Halifax and at the Queens General Hospital in Liverpool, NS.

 Dr. Gniewek’s leadership will oversee the intake, assessment and development of evidence based medical treatment plans- this includes oversight and development of documentation for treatment plans, charting, monitoring/progress reporting, discharge planning and discharge reports. 

Diane Whitty



Diane is a licensed practical nurse (LPN) of 20 years and has devoted the majority of her career to mental health and addiction - helping individuals in each step of their journey. Diane has played an integral part in the start of the first private addiction clinic in PEI and brings her vast knowledge to Terradyne. Diane believes that addiction recovery involves the whole person; physical, mental, spiritual and cultural and is passionate in helping each individual in their journey for their greatest success.

Clinical Team

Ashley Weare



Ashley is a Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate (RCT-C) with the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists (NSCCT) and a professional member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). Ashley enjoys helping individuals work through their personal matters in the most empathetic way possible and she believes that addictions treatment is not one-size-fits-all. During her master’s, Ashley focused her research efforts not only on the impacts of addiction on the individual’s life, but also how it affects their families. Ashley is thrilled to be part of a collaborative team that is dedicated to delivering exceptional addiction treatment services in a model that is devoted to supporting recovery. Ashley greatly respects and understands the bravery it takes to seek help with recovery and is excited to help individuals throughout their journey.

Heather Deighan



Heather is a highly engaged, empathetic, and compassionate counsellor who believes that relationship and connection are the keys to finding meaning and purpose in life. She is a member of the Canadian Counselling Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) and a Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate (RCT-C) with the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists (NSCCT). Heather strives to create tailor-made solutions that will help individuals live their lives to their full potential. She is an experienced facilitator and spiritual guide who is passionate about supporting individuals on their healing paths as she employs trauma-informed, narrative, solution-focused, and strength-based approaches with both individuals and their families. Heather brings her experience working with individuals who are experiencing crisis and abuse in their lives and relationships to our collaborative team at Terradyne. 

Clinical Support

Rose Reading



Rose joins the Terradyne team after working for 30 years with the Government of Canada. It was there that she developed a keen interest in Mental Health and Wellness. Rose consistently demonstrates an empathetic client focus and fosters a positive healing ambiance. Her strong dedication to the Terradyne wellness program allows her to best support each client during their journey to recovery through an enriching environment. Rose enjoys helping others to become more connected to themselves and nature through various outdoor activities and guided meditations. She is honoured to become part of a team which surrounds the clients and themselves with open hearts and unconditional love as a source of inspiration. 

Courtney Peters



Courtney has completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and loves building connections with clients and helping people achieve their goals in recovery. In her leisure time, Courtney likes to be with friends or in the woods with her dog. Courtney has a warm, welcoming personality and is happy to be a part of the team here at Terradyne.

Crystal Tobin Legere



Crystal is a motivated and enthusiastic community connector. In previous roles, she has worked within acute mental health and addictions, provincial and federal government health projects, adult education initiatives as well as non-profit provincial program management.

Crystal is a Mental Health Commission of Canada certified Mental Health First- Aid instructor and is dedicated to the mental health promotion movement. As a health promotion and community engagement consultant, she is an advocate for services to be not only person-centered but, ultimately, person-driven. Crystal works with organizations big and small to improve the health and well-being of people and their communities.

Healthy Living

Colby Karsten




Colby lives alongside Terradyne in Jeddore and is thrilled to be a part of the Terradyne team and work as the Healthy Living Coordinator. Colby studied at St. FX University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition. Throughout her years at university, she had the opportunity to develop a passion towards healthy living and learn about what it takes to help others improve their well-being in a gratifying way. Colby is delighted to develop and manage a healthy living program for Terradyne’s clients to enhance their recovery. Colby will utilize her integrative approach to nutrition, recreation and spirituality to help guide clients reach their full recovery potential. 

Sarah Estabrooks



Sarah joins the Terradyne team with a culmination of 20 years of Recreation Therapy experience coupled with a degree in Recreation from the University of New Brunswick. Versed in the benefits of recreation, Sarah lives an active, well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. An avid skier, surfer, and overall outdoor enthusiast - from sports to survival foraging, Sarah brings a vast array of opportunities to Terradyne.

Shawna Cavanagh



Shawna has been teaching yoga since 2015 and is thrilled to be joining the Terradyne team. She owns and operates her own yoga studio nearby the wellness center and has hosted Nature and Yoga retreats along the Eastern Shore. Shawna creates a welcoming atmosphere in her classes where the focus is on what you need and allowing you to be yourself. Aside from teaching yoga, Shawna has been a practicing Massage Therapist for over 9 years. This deep understanding of anatomy and body function seeps into her teaching creating an environment that is physically mindful and safe. Shawna’s classes have a way of allowing clients to not only explore their physical abilities but also opens them up to exploring spirituality on their terms. Shawna has lived locally for over 15 years and during her off-time loves to be in nature exploring with her dogs. She is grateful to be a part of your recovery at Terradyne and aid you in finding a version of Yoga that suits you best. 


Kim Macpherson



Originally from Ontario and after having traveled all over this country, Kim MacPherson is excited to find her forever home here in Nova Scotia. Kim is a well diversified chef with over 16 years of experience in the industry working in high end restaurants across Canada. As a holistic practitioner Kim's passion for food extends right to the root and soil. Whether it is knowing where her food comes from or growing it herself, she uses the freshest ingredients the reflect the most nutrients and flavour. Kim is excited to join the Terradyne team bringing her experience in fine dining cuisine, multi-cultural pallet and education as a holistic practitioner to contribute to the symbiotic relationship of healing between mental, and physical health. 


Stephanie Hunt



Stephanie provides Administrative support to the Terradyne team. Stephanie is originally from Newfoundland but has worked in various Administrative/Human Resources roles for over a decade with a prominent Industrial Health and Safety Company in Alberta. Stephanie can connect with people and meet them at whatever stage in life they happen to be at the time. It is this deep empathy that makes Stephanie an important part of the Terradyne team. Stephanie’s organizational skills and knowledge around policies and procedures will ensure clients experience a seamless transition entering the recovery center and again when they depart to return to their daily lives. 

Rick Stewart




Ricks joins the Terradyne team after working many years in  building maintenance/operations. He has also spent numerous years caring for vulnerable members of our community as a foster parent. He has a varied understanding of the impact of addiction on individuals and families and is looking forward to his position as a support person on the Terradyne team.

Amanda Evans




Amanda was born and raised on the Eastern Shore and was a stay-at-home mom. She is still actively invested in her community and is heavily involved in volunteer work. Amanda can often be found offering her time at various organizations within her hometown. Amanda is a personable individual whose positive energy illuminates her working environment and she is a valued member of our team. Amanda is excited to be part of a organization that is devoted to helping individuals better themselves during their recovery process.

Angela Lyons



Angela has lived in Nova Scotia all her life but has resided in Jeddore with her family for over 20 years. Angela is a kind soul who is friendly with everyone that she meets. Angela takes pride in the fact that she is part of such a dedicated and passionate team. She has many years of experience working with people in customer service industry and various hospitality roles.