Occupational Transition Planning


The Terradyne team understands that transitioning back into their professional careers can often be a path littered with triggers and misunderstandings. 

Utilizing backgrounds in Occupational Therapy and Psychology, the Terradyne team has developed programming to support Occupation Transition Planning (OTP).

Terradyne will work with each individual to specifically plan according to the profession they will be engaged in upon returning to work. Terradyne has been able to draw from professionals in the field to identify certain career-specific hurdles and how to navigate these as a person returns to work.

Terradyne believes strongly in an open communication with the individual’s HR department or other point of contact from their organization as specified. Terradyne will provide weekly reporting to the organization that will be compiled with the individual to match each individual’s level of comfort with confidentiality. Often, an individual will leave an organization for a month or two and upon returning to work, the organization is left with little knowledge of how to support the transition. Terradyne will work alongside the organization’s HR staff to create an environment that will be best be able to address this issue.

We know that many people stumble during this crucial time and an open communication not only provides a seamless return to work but also reduces the stigma attached to addiction and recovery. The OTP is part of the aftercare package and is tailored to provide intensive support and information for at least six months after leaving the center.   The OTP is specifically tailored for each individual in order to support the highest chances of a successful return to work.