Detox and Withdrawal Management


Separated from the Therapeutic program in its own building is the fully functioning detox and withdrawal management facility. Terradyne is able to accept clients that are needing supervised detoxification from opioids, cannabis, alcohol, and other stimulants.

Replacement Therapy

Terradyne understands that recovery can look very different from one individual to the next. The "one-size fits all" concept is not part of our approach. It is for this reason that Terradyne has educated themselves on replacement therapy and can support clients medically and psychologically during this transition.

The Basics

Clients are monitored 24/7 by nurses and doctors experienced in the field of addiction treatment and withdrawal management. 

Clients will be housed in their own private rooms within a secured, separate building from our residential population. Their individualized plans will be overseen by our highly educated physicians and healthcare team. Clients will not experience any intense therapy during their detox but will have access to our credentialed counsellors for some light support and educational purposes. This 5-7 day period is for the client to come back to an equilibrium physically and prepare for some of the deeper work that will happen in the Intensive Therapeutic Program if this option is chosen.